Use Homemade Cleaning Products For Home Staging

A major component of your home staging efforts would be the general house cleaning and maintenance. It doesn’t really matter whether you are doing the house cleaning yourself, or hiring professional cleaners, the house must be kept clean and orderly 24/7 and for the duration of the staging so your home will always look presentable … Continue reading “Use Homemade Cleaning Products For Home Staging”

A major component of your home staging efforts would be the general house cleaning and maintenance. It doesn’t really matter whether you are doing the house cleaning yourself, or hiring professional cleaners, the house must be kept clean and orderly 24/7 and for the duration of the staging so your home will always look presentable and at its optimum best to home buyers. Cleaning isn’t just about spotless floors, immaculate windows, and dust-free furniture items. The overall orderliness and cleanliness of the property must be maintained until the home is sold.

Choosing green or eco-friendly home cleaning ingredients and products is the trend these days among homeowners, and you should also consider this option as part of your home staging efforts (that is, if you haven’t switched to green cleaning solutions and ingredients for every day use just yet). There are several advantages to making the switch to green home cleaning solutions, one of which is the considerable savings. Unlike most commercially-produced cleaning products available in store shelves, the greener alternatives can be made from everyday household items you might already have around the home, such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc.

Another advantage to changing over to green cleaning products is health-based. Most commercial household cleaners contain chemicals and toxins that have been found to have harmful effects on people’s health. Many of the additives and chemicals also become potential allergens or cause indoor air pollution, and there is the risk of a home visitor having an allergic reaction or discomfort once he or she comes in contact with those chemicals. To be sure that your home is safe, natural and organic cleaning products are the better alternative.

Here are a few homemade green cleaning products you can use:

    • Homemade disinfectant – You can make your own homemade disinfectant, and all you will need is 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap, and between 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. This solution can be used to disinfect tables, countertops, desks, staircases, doorknobs, and other surfaces. The homemade disinfectant is a great alternative to bleach (it definitely smells better than bleach as well).


    • Baking soda and water – This homemade solution is excellent for removing grime and stains that stick on tiles, porcelain, and other floor types. You can also utilize baking soda and water for cleaning kitchen countertops and sinks, cutting boards, refrigerators, and oven tops.


  • Vinegar or lemon juice – Grease streaks, stains, mildew, and other common household stains are very easily obliterated by vinegar or lemon juice. You can spray or douse the lemon juice or vinegar on the stained area and then scrub or brush after letting it sit for a few minutes. Vinegar and lemon juice also work great as window cleaners.

Home-Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Neglected home-cleaning tasks add an extra level of stress over the holidays that you simply don’t need.

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s a time for cooking, baking, gift-giving and making merry, yet many people obsess over the many cleaning tasks they’ve skipped throughout the year. Of course you want your home to be a beacon of holiday cheer, but with shopping, running errands, work and family obligations, keeping it clean can be an insurmountable task. Read on for some practical tips to keep your house tidy during the holiday season!

Focus on the Foyer

The foyer is the area people will see first upon entering your home, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Spruce up your entryway by wiping down your front door (it’s OK to admit this is something you rarely do).

Give that dusty doormat a solid shake and make sure that dirt and debris haven’t collected in the nooks and crannies of the threshold. Add fresh flowers or a festive holiday poinsettia, and your guests will think you worked all week to spruce up!

Clear the Coat Closet

Take a quick check through your coat closet and make room for your friends’ and family’s coats when they come to visit. Add extra hangers and transfer any non-essential items to another room. You’ve been meaning to put those flip-flops and sandals away for months now anyway, right? Then make yourself a solemn promise to tackle that pile come January, so you don’t end up moving it again next year!

Keep it in the Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms during any holiday celebration. It’s the heart of the home, isn’t it? So make sure your kitchen looks and smells nice before guests arrive.

Flush your sink with boiling water and lemon (or baking soda and white vinegar if it’s really bad), and don’t forget to check around light fixtures and switch plates for dust. This holiday season does not involve bunnies of any kind, especially the dust variety!

Don’t Abandon the Bathroom

It may not be enough to simply wipe the bathroom down with some deodorizing cleaner. Instead, you may need to push up those sleeves and really get in there!

Use a stiff-bristled brush and scouring powder to brighten up the grout and tackle the nooks and crannies around the sink and tub. Some people take this opportunity to clean out their medicine cabinet as well, because everyone knows Aunt Ethel will sneak a peak!

Snuff Out Smells

If, despite your best cleaning efforts, your home doesn’t smell quite as festive as you’d hoped, brew a quick pot of coffee. That familiar smell will cover up just about anything and buy you some time to find the source of the sourness.

Or add some orange and lemon slices, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla (or any classic holiday spices you prefer) to a small saucepan of water and heat gently on the stove. The smell will infuse your home, and your guests will believe you spent the day baking yummy treats.

Rug Wring-Out

If you have throw rugs around your home, scoop up those dirty things and throw them in the washing machine. If you can, keep them out of sight until after your holiday get-togethers are done. If you simply can’t help yourself, place them where incoming guests can wipe their feet and move on.

No one wants to attend a holiday party reminiscent of their grandmother’s parlor, with its plastic-wrapped lampshades and vinyl slipcovers.

Forget it All and Hire a Professional House-Cleaning Team

Of course, if you want to simply enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family, leave all this home cleaning business to the professionals. Contact a residential cleaning service in your area to handle all the unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. Meanwhile, you can shop, bake, decorate and wrap gifts to your heart’s content, instead of fretting all season long about those obnoxious home cleaning tasks.

Top Cleaning Products to Use in the Home

Need to clean up in a hurry? Whether you’re expecting guests, the guests just left, or you want to pretend that your life is of clean and ordered bliss. Listed below are the essential cleaning products that everyone needs for cleaning in and around their beautiful home.

    • Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. Washing the dishes shouldn’t be a nightmare of struggling with stains and stubborn dirt. By adding a little bit of dishwashing liquid into your water, would fix the problem quickly. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is available in different sizes, from 400ml up to 5 liters. There are also refill pouches available for when you run out of dishwashing liquid. Adding a little bleach to the water in which you wash your dishes will also make your dishcloths white and clean. Bleach is available in bottle sizes from 500 ml to 750 ml and in different fragrances.


    • Washing Powder. The range of washing powders available includes Ariel, Maq, Omo, and Surf. They are available in different sizes ranging from 250 grams to 2 kilogram boxes. The Sunlight brand doesn’t only take care of your dishes, but also the laundry. Bar soaps are also used for washing clothes and range in sizes from 125 grams to 500 grams per bar of soap.


    • Fabric Softeners. You would normally use fabric softener after the washing cycle has been completed and the rinse cycle commences. There is nothing more refreshing than clothes that smell fresh and clean. Different brands of fabric softeners are available in a variety of sizes and refill packs.


    • Handy Andy Cream. Handy Andy cleans scuffmarks and stains off anything and makes it as white and clean as it originally was. It also comes in different sizes from 500ml to 750ml per bottle and is fragranced in Lavender, Lemon and Floral flavour. Handy Andy can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens and floors.


    • Pine Gel. This is another cleaning product that cleans surfaces such as floors and countertops. It has a great smell and comes in colours of red, green and yellow. It is available in 500ml up to 25 liter tubs.


    • Tile and Floor Cleaner. Cleaning tiles and floors is easy with Plush Tile and Floor Cleaner. It removes all unwanted scuffmarks and leaves floor surfaces smooth and clean.


  • Furniture Polish. For wooden furniture Mr Min, Plush wooden, Jewel Furniture Oil or Plush Supreme Multi surface cleaner be used to clean and polish furniture surfaces.